In 2014 Clerkenwell Workshops was identified as a target site to focus on reducing its environmental impact. Gas and electricity consumption were a key area of focus.

We began the project by installing AMR smart metering in order to identify areas of wastage throughout the year. We also installed several retrofit measures including boiler and voltage optimisation. Through these measures, we achieved a total energy reduction of 13% compared to the previous year.

To help further reduce our energy consumption, in 2015 we installed LED lighting for the common areas which has predicted energy savings of 28,434kWh, and a payback period of 5.7 years. The graph below shows the consumption savings over the last 3 years which shows far greater savings than predicted.

CS-Energy-Consumption-(1).PNGIn addition, site and customer engagement measures have been introduced in order to educate and raise awareness. A VGreet energy dashboard is now available for customers to view the energy performance of the building. Customers have also been encouraged to have a Green Lease or Green Memorandum of Understanding.

Our action plan will continue into next year, starting with the installation of movement sensors and daylight sensors, and upgrading the condensing boiler to further reduce the building’s impact.