Through Workspace's partnership with Informed Funding (iF), Workspace customers and Club Workspace members have  access to a range of FREE and exclusive financial and funding services, including iF's 1 to 1 Financial and Funding Strategy Consultation.

Finance is the number one challenge for the majority of business owners, particularly in new and high growth businesses. Adequacy of cash is dictated by a host of different factors, both tactical and strategic - and that's before they can identify appropriate external funding.

A 1 to 1 consultation can help you through the financial maze, providing the type of independent, experienced and trusted guidance on financial challenges that is so hard to find or too expensive to consider.

Directors and other Senior Business Leaders have used the free service to:

  • Fully understand the personal implications of taking on debt and the practical implications of using the wrong type of finance to fund or grow their business
  • Question if they really knew what an invoice finance facility costs their business beyond the headline rate
  • To avoid possible expensive future mistakes by giving away too much equity too cheaply
  • Learn why convertible debt might be the wrong thing to take on when they are growing their business
  • Review and explore possible suitability to determine if “Free Money” is an option for their business
  • Ask whether unsecured debt really means they have no personal risk

To book your online 1 to 1 Consultation simply request a consultation and a member of the team will be in touch to secure a time that suits you and provide you with dial-in details. 

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Informed Funding’s (IF's) consultations result in a confidential report that identifies underlying finance challenges and opportunities. These can be immediate, such as the need to finance new orders, or longer-term, such as the need to fix on a business growth model.

Informed Funding give practical suggestions on next steps, including introductions to potentially suitable funders always follow up after a consultation and, in more complex scenarios, iF can also set up a more in-depth review at a minimal cost.

The support of Workspace means that these 1 to 1 consultations are delivered to a limited number of Workspace customers, with your time being the only cost involved.

This service is exclusively for Workspace customers and Club Workspace members. 

Customer Reviews

"I got valuable feedback from my session which will help with financial planning and other matters. It was definitely good to talk to an expert in this area." 
Zayn Blore, COO and Director at Simplify Change from The Leather Market 

"It was a really useful discussion with lots of insights and good ideas. It's opened up multiple further funding avenues for us to explore." 
Harry Fisher, CEO from Equipe Fitness Ltd from China Works - Club Workspace 

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How Can Informed Funding Help?

We are bringing together financial and funding expertise from across Informed Funding’s network to support founders, directors and business owners at Workspace. 

Learn from our senior business advisors, finance directors, venture capitalists and business mentors. 

About Informed Funding 

Informed Funding (IF) is a source of guidance designed to help ambitious business leaders to develop financial strategies and identify the options available to them to attract funding.

Workspace customers and Club Workspace members have free access to 1 to 1 Financial and Funding Strategy Consultations, Financial Strategy Workshops and access to Informed Funding’s wider network of funders.

Informed Funding supports founders, directors and business owners at Workspace since its launch in February 2015.