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Led by the Greater London Authority (GLA), Workspace and Business in the Community (BITC), InspiresMe is an initiative set up to help encourage entrepreneurship and to provide work experience and key skills to young people in London.

InspiresMe Week offers 16-18 year old students a one-week internship programme, running from 13-17 February 2017,  providing the opportunity to develop their skills base and learn what it takes to work with  one of London’s New and Growing Companies. 

Companies all across London such as yours help make the week a success. By providing access to real day-to-day businesses, you can offer the students insight and experience that they simply couldn’t get otherwise.

And that’s not all the students get. After four days of working with some of the city’s best businesses, they’re invited to take part in an Enterprise Challenge designed to help them consolidate on and showcase what they’ve learned.

During the event, students team up and work to develop a business idea under the supervision of experienced business mentors. These ideas are then pitched to a panel of judges and prize money is awarded to the selected winners to help them take their idea forward.

Register your interest here - submissions close on 27 January 2017

Your business could benefit from InspiresMe Week

Participating in InspiresMe Week can be hugely valuable to your business. You and your team would benefit from the insight and fresh ideas that a young person can bring to a project, as well as the development of coaching and mentoring skills within your company. It could even be a recruitment tool as we have seen companies offer further work experience to students who interned with them as part of the initiative. In addition, there are profile raising opportunities for your business through the communications and PR initiatives driven by the GLA, Workspace and BITC.

Previous participants have been very positive about the way InspiresMe Week has helped enhance their work. 

Macro Art, a leading graphics production company, said:

“Macro Art have chosen to get involved in Inspires Me week as the industry we are involved in is much less about degree qualifications and much more about passion and commitment - we feel we have something to offer to someone young and driven who wants to learn about this exciting industry."

Ben Prouty, head of corporate development for LOVESPACE, said:

“The InspiresMe initiative was very well organised, with clearly outlined objectives in advance of our student joining. I can only speak for our business but I would also hope that we gave our student a real opportunity to contribute to real-life projects, rather than simply admin work.

“Put simply, it's the ideal opportunity for businesses to view their product through the lens of the next generation of customers, whilst providing a chance that could truly change someone's life.”

What happens during the four-day placement?

Your business will receive a full resource pack detailing potential ideas for how the student can work with you during the week. The pack also contains a number of observation sheets and a reflection journal that’ll enable both you and the student to detail your thoughts on the week as a whole.

How much preparation will your business need to do to participate?

You’ll have constant support from the InspiresMe team in order to make the week as easy and stress-free as possible. The only things you’ll need to commit to are:

  • Training webinar ahead of work placement: one hour
  • Risk assessment written for student: 30 minutes
  • Internal preparation to host a student: a level of support to be provided
  • Work placement: four days
  • Celebration event: full or half day (optional, but your support is hugely appreciated)
  • Feedback and evaluation: 30 minutes

Get in touch to find out more

By participating in InspiresMe Week, you’ll be making a huge contribution to the future lives of young people living in London and you’ll also be able to obtain unique insight into this demographic. If you’re interested in participating, please register your interest here. But hurry, as mentor sign up closes on 27 January 2017!

We've already had a fantastic take-up of businesses registering their interest in transforming the life of a future London entrepreneur - here are some of the first company's that signed up:

  1. Code Worldwide
  2. Lovespace
  3. Talisman Solutions
  4. Spoke conversation ltd
  5. Creative Semiotics
  6. Entrepreneur First
  7. Hoop
  8. STEM Marketing
  9. The Brain and Spine Foundation
  10. Knox Fire & Security ltd / Puck
  11. Hopscotch Consulting
  12. Universal Basket
  13. Good Innovation
  14. Macro Art ltd
  15. Dame Kelly Holmes Trust
  16. 2M Consultancy
  17. Art And Industry
  18. Route 24
  19. Uscreates
  20. Uniquest
  21. Butterfly Twists Ltd
  22. JWG
  23. The First Mile
  24. Workspace - Kennington
  25. Workspace - The Lightbulb
  26. Workspace Group  - Parkhall Business Centre

This four-day work placement can be the difference for a young student between settling for second best and striving for their hopes and dreams.

Help potential entrepreneurs like you become the best they can be by signing up to InspiresMe Week 2017.