We spoke to MG Empower, one of the first companies to move into our new building Brickfields in Hoxton. Marketing Director, David Wing, gives an insight into what an influencer-marketing agency gets up to on a daily basis.

MG Empower is a global influencer marketing agency. What exactly do you do?

DW: Essentially, we create 360-degree global campaigns for our clients. A brand will come to us, they'll ask us to identify influencers and promote their company. This could be a launch event for a product; it could be influencers walking the red carpet at Cannes; or activating 100 influencers on TikTok in the space of a week. It's usually something quite ambitious.

What type of influencers do you look for?

DW: It varies. We work with nano-influencers (anyone up to around 10K followers) all the way up to mega-influencers (your Kim Kardashians, for example). It depends on the campaign we're running and the people that we're looking to reach.

Mg EmpowerSet up at their new Brickfields office


How do you choose which influencers to use?

DW: We use influencer identification platforms and we're able to break it down and find the influencers we're looking for based on their follower number, their likes, their comments and their engagement based on the insights and algorithms these platforms provide. It's a brave new world with AI! It looks at what they've posted and gives us a good idea as to who's going to be the best influencer to choose on any given campaign. The budget and the scale of the campaign has a big influence too, however, going for larger influencers doesn't always have the best returns. A lot of the time, we simply need to use our best judgment and our expertise. It may be that activating 100 nano-influencers is both wonderfully cheaper, but also provides better organic interaction and engagement than we would get if we spent a million pounds on Kim Kardashian.


You use AI?

DW: Well, most platforms these days have AI built into their algorithms. The prediction now is that AI, in terms of influencer marketing, will mean that the data we have always struggled to find will be at our fingertips. Instagram and other social media platforms have their own API's and some platforms allow you to have access to, however, a lot are limiting the amount of information they share.

What's been your most successful campaign to date? 

DW: We have actually just hit a billion reach. It is one of our first campaigns for TikTok which is a new platform similar to Vine and Instagram. It's a Chinese company in which very short-form mobile videos allow people to do challenges, sketches and just have fun with a 13-20 age range. The idea is that it appeals to people's attention spans which are getting shorter and shorter. 

It was a multi-platform campaign that went across both Instagram and TikTok. We identified and activated around 20 influencers on Instagram, including Gemma Atkinson from Hollyoaks and Made In Chelsea stars, and the results were impressive.

What's your ethos as a company?

DW: For us, the key is authenticity, transparency and co-creation. We bring the brand and the influencers together to create something that resonates with both their audiences. Transparency to us means adding #sponsored or #ad at the end of our social posts and being open with brands and influence at every stage of the process.

Light-filled corridorBrickfields


How has the move to Brickfields been?

DW: It's been fantastic. We came from a smaller office and have scaled up. We are now in an office that sells us as a service and we've taken up one of the biggest spaces at Brickfields. Finally, we are in an office now that feels like a home for us for the foreseeable future and we're looking to triple the number of employees (15 at the moment) over the next year. Having an office that can accommodate that is essential.

What do you like about the area?

DW: There are lots of food options around here. The fact that The Kiln café downstairs has coffee that's actually cheap for London is great! The team like to venture out to explore the fantastic independent restaurants as you pass Brickfields and hit the main road.

Brickfields lobby andThe Kiln Cafe


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