On July 21st 2011, Beatons Group held a seminar that brought business people from different sectors together to discuss social media. The event, called Soial Media for Business, included presentations from Beatons Group and Crafted Media.

EVENT: Social Media for Business Briefing

LOCATION: Beatons Group offices

DATE: July 21 2011


On July 21st Beatons Group, a Felixstowe-based firm of accountants and financial advisers, held a seminar on the issues of social media in business. Business people from various sectors came along to discuss the ways in which social media can provide benefits to firms.

Some of the statistics presented make a very compelling case for social media in business:
  • If Facebook were a country it would be the third biggest in the world in terms of population, and would rank higher than the United States of America
  • While 78 percent of consumers trust peer recommendations, only 14 percent trust advertisements
  • 700 billion minutes are spent on Facebook every month
  • LinkedIn, a social media network used exclusively for business networking, averages one new user every second.
The presentations given are available for download from the inspiresme.co.uk website:
“Social media is emerging as a dominant method of communication,” said Andrew Diver, Head of Tax at Beatons Group. “Businesses failing to leverage social media will miss out on opportunities to communicate with a broad range of potential customers or clients in a fast and cost-effective way.”
“Social media for business is about connecting with customers in relevant ways,” said Tom Griffiths, Sales and Marketing Director at Crafted Media. “Customers value transparency and openness and want direct conversations with the companies they deal with. If you can’t provide this, one of your competitors will.”