was in attendance at the 'Do your own PR' event at Clerkenwell Workshops on September 6 2011 in London.

EVENT: Do your own PR

LOCATION: Club Workspace, Clerkenwell Workshops

DATE: September 6 2011

PANELLISTS: was in attendance at the Dreamstake Do your own PR event at Clerkenwell Workshops on September 6 2011 in London.

The talk was extremely interesting, and it was very useful to hear from – and be able to question directly – people in extremely senior PR roles.

The evening started with networking and introductions, followed by a PowerPoint presentation from panellist Paul Blanchard. The presentation covered a wide range of areas including creating a PR plan, the TRUTH model, how to get noticed, and the importance of winning awards.

After the presentation the panellists participated in a question and answer session with the audience which offered a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to get their burning questions answered.

Monika Gierszewska, Marketing Director of Dreamstake, said: "‘Do your own PR’ was an incredibly useful event to our members. For a start, Paul Blanchard from Right Angles shared the industry secrets.

"Then entrepreneurs had a chance to ask industry leaders for advice on how to do PR for their startups. Media specialists from Sky News, BBC Radio and Daily Telegraph answered questions on how to publicise a website for students on a year abroad, HR consulting business, Dance TV and many more individual cases. The event was a great success and everyone stayed till late networking over a glass of wine."

Some highlights from the presentation:

Journalist’s dirty secrets

  • They are lazy: want to be able to cut and paste, thus anything written ‘journalistically’ has a greater chance of being accepted
  • Desperate for news: there’s always the next day’s paper to fill. They are looking for stories rather than news
  • Need reliable contacts: you should aim to fit in by being deadline-driven, sticking to word limits, and writing punchy prose

Common PR mistakes

  • Clichéd press release language: “Innovative company,” “Sales are up,” “Brand new fantastic product.”
  • Being unavailable for comment: should have 24hr media enquiries number as journalists are often working late or on tight deadlines
  • Making patchy PR efforts: brands are built by ‘drip-drip-drip’ of information rather than one big press release and then nothing for a long time
The full presentation can be downloaded here (PDF, 641kb)

Photos from the event can be found on the Facebook and Flickr accounts. were live tweeting throughout the event and captured some great insights from the panellists - please check out our Twitter account at @inspiresmeuk to learn more!