Amp up your social strategy with Twitter cards.

Getting on to Twitter is now almost seen as a compulsory part of any business's marketing strategy. But how to make your Tweets stand out from the rest? Nick Rink, who runs SmartLocal an agency which helps business attract local customers through online marketing, gives us practical advice on Twitter cards.

Twitter’s growth here in the UK may have slowed a touch but there are now in excess of 15 million of us Brits using the platform, with at least 9 million tweeting every day. If the average user sends out 4 to 5 tweets a day, that’s going to be well over 36 million tweets to sift through! Anyone that uses Twitter knows how fast news travels, so how can you make your Tweets stand out and grab a little extra attention? Twitter cards, that’s how.
Twitter cards originally got launched back in the summer of 2012, although back then they were called expanded tweets. You can recognise them as the tweets will have additional buttons below – Summary, View Photo – and if you click on those buttons the content within the tweet will expand. Voila! More valuable real estate for your important tweets.


As you can see from the example above, using Twitter cards gives you a couple of additional links to your content, another link to your Twitter profile along with a snippet from your blog post. There are a number of different types of Twitter card available now, including:
·       Summary Card – which is the example shown above
·       Product card – which will show information such as pricing and a product description
·       Lead generation card – which can help to drive sign up from right within Twitter

You can find more information about Twitter cards here with additional detail on how to get them setup here.

By Nick Rink of Smart Local Marketing, who occasionally works out of Club Workspace Kennington, is on Twitter @NickRink and spends entirely too much time on Google+.