What's Next for Business & Social Media On the evening of Wednesday 2nd of March 2016, Knowledge Peers and Workspace held the first Workspace Business Insight Dinner of 2016.

This series of hosted, topical debates, panels and discussions are a mainstay of the events held by Workspace for their customers, the fast-paced companies fuelling London's economy.

The destination was the ground floor of the re-designed Canterbury Court, part of the Kennington Park Business Centre. The evening was centred around the impact of social media on marketing brands. Knowledge Peers assembled a prestigious group of senior marketers to discuss the rise of social-media marketing from some of the world’s leading brands.

@ Mimosa cafe

Mark Palmer -Head of Marketing, Pret A Manger, Peter Hoffer -Head of PR and Social, Moonpig and Yutaro Kojima -Creative Strategist, Facebook were primed to debate these key themes and their experiences dealing with these issues to a group of eager business owners, CEOs and directors.

James Naylor of McKinsey hosted the panel and asked them how social media had an impact on their brand communications and how they saw its huge influence on consumer decision journeys. The mix of brands and experiences was fascinating. Mark Palmer from Pret used social media mainly as a customer listening tool and a storytelling platform to help the brand connect with a younger demographic.

Peter Hoffer from Moonpig meanwhile saw it as a way of marketing the brand beyond more traditional advertising platforms, particularly TV and radio, in short it was a way to get past that jingle! Then there was the social giant in the room: Facebook.

Peter Hoffer

Yutaro Kojima, Creative Strategist from the largest social-media platform on the planet, with over 1.59 billion active users, described how since 2012 this huge digital communications and data company had shifted their business and customer user platform from desktop to mobile... and it worked.

Over the next hour and a half the debates ranged from the types of content brands should use on these still relatively new forms of digital communication, to the fact that organic traffic for brands will continue declining. The paid models adopted by the social-media platforms dictate who sees what in their social media feeds! Yutaro explained how, with huge reach and sophisticated targeting algorithms, Facebook had developed a highly effective and hugely profitable advertising platform to allow it to monetise its mobile news feeds. He went further in explaining that as a brand you must understand your audience and what creative resonates with them or the audience will reject it and the algorithm will do the rest.

Yutaro Kojima

Whilst enjoying a fabulous meal prepared and served by Mimosa cafe and restaurant, everyone had the chance to network, sharing experiences, making new business connections and potentially gaining new customers and suppliers. It was a well crafted, entertaining and hugely informative event and the lively atmosphere buzzed with the talk of Facebook Apps, Snapchat and the like.


Paul Swaddle at Pocket App


Sophie Laurimore at Factual Management


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