Top athletic talent at Workspace

Head of Marketing, Cathie Sellars, has lived in London for ten years, and has been with Workspace for six. It was only a matter of time before this Australian succumbed to a charity run. This weekend, she ran in the Royal Parks half marathon to raise money for the Family Rights Group, a charity which provides advice and support for families whose children are involved with social services (find out more here). Workspace matched the amount of money she raised (capped at £150) as part of their mission to support charities close to their staff members’ hearts.


It wasn’t all virtuous exercise though. And there had to be some calories to run off. An indulgent cake and bake sale (see Jessica and Charley, the self-proclaimed Trolly Dollies, below) before the marathon raised £191.
Cathie completed the race in 1 hour and 49 minutes and came 670th (of females). She tells us a little more about why she put herself through the torture:
Why did you decide to run?
‘To raise money of rate FRG and run one of the most picturesque half marathons. And for the carb load. I love pasta!”
How did you prepare?
‘Three runs a week (1x long run, 1x interval session,1x recovery run). During the final week, I did one 30 minute run at race pace and ate lots of carbs. The day before the race is a good excuse to do nothing (as if I needed an excuse!).
Cathie is still raising money, so please click here and show your support.