At the Vox Studios launch party, four experts discuss how the Internet of Things will affect how you manage your office and home.

Vox Studios hosted its first event last night and welcomed a panel of speakers to discuss the fascinating topic of the Internet of Things. Customers from businesses based throughout the Workspace portfolio came together to find out about how developments in technology would affect office life. 

The discussion was chaired by the CEO of Knowledge Peer, Chris Dines. Knowledge Peers is a business network which organises the series of Workspace Business Insight Dinners.

The speakers at the event were Martin Garner, senior vice president at CCS Insight (@martin_garner); Tom Mason, founder of software agency Yousoft (watch his interview here); Helen Hoyle, founder of insight agency Nutshell; and Richard Sagar (MBE), founder of Sagar Smart Homes.

Martin Garner started the event with an eye-opening introduction. From bluetooth light switches to wi-fi in lightbulbs, from automatic ways to care for the elderly to apps finding freshly baked Krispy Kremes, there are going to be some remarkable new ways of doing things. And with this comes risks: privacy, security and loss of employment are all possible consequences.

Developmental qualitative researcher, Helen Hoyle spoke to Workspace before the event about the impact of IoT on business life.

She wondered about the scale of the impact and discussed what businesses could do to take full advantage of new technology.

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Richard Sagar (MBE) is the founder of Sagar Smart Homes, an international award-winning consultancy based at Workspace Riverside. 

He explains how the growing effect of IoT will change the dynamics of office space.

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Please look at the photos below. It was a perfect occasion for Workspace customers to meet, network, forge meaningful links between their businesses and of course enjoy the new Vox Studios.










The panelMartin Garner, Tom Mason, Helen Hoyle, Richard Sagar


The next Workspace event in collaboration with Knowledge Peers will take place at Clerkenwell Workshops on May 25 during Clerkenwell Design Week. Find out more about Knowledge Peers.

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