London’s natural advantage sets the city apart. With approximately 3,000 parks marked as public open space, which cover around 18% of Greater London, and more than eight million trees, it’s a true urban jungle.

In fact, London has been classified as the first National Park City. These public green spaces not only fuel the economy, with a gross asset value in excess of £91 billion, providing services valued at £5 billion per year, they also improve performance at work.

A study by Harvard University on indoor air quality showed that employees in a “greener” air environment performed 61% better on cognitive tasks than in standard office conditions. According to global public opinion and data company YouGov, seven in 10 office workers believe that poor air quality is having a negative effect on their day-to-day productivity and wellbeing.

Art in numbers. Robert Indiana’s ONE through ZERO sculpture at the Frieze Sculpture exhibition in Regent’s Park

Luckily, the capital has plenty of green oases to explore, but when the sun goes down and people turn off their work screens, another side of London awakens. The city’s night-time economy is a force to be reckoned with. From music venues to theatres, art galleries to dance academies, the city rakes in £47 billion each year through its culture and creative industries. This plays in to the £117 billion services sector, which dominates London’s economy.

Over at Westbourne Studios near Portobello Market, Seven Decades is telling the story of three guitars that changed the world, in a West End-esque performance that mixes the media of live music, narration, and live documentary.

A Seven Decades performance at the V&A

“From using the Half Moon pub in Putney, a legendary music venue, to work on new material behind closed doors, to being invited to perform at the V&A, London has been a great place to build up our show and meet the right people to make it happen,” says Freddy Clode, Head of Marketing and Creative Producer.

You have an appreciative, cultured London audience here – they’re loving it. It’s a mix between a theatre-going audience, hardcore music fans, and people just going for a good time,” he says. “We now have seven sold-out shows at the V&A this year, with fans flying from across the Atlantic to witness the magic.”

Seven Decades is just one of the flourishing business that call London home, built upon its thriving start-up eco-system that will grow, disrupt, and shine as we look to the future. Thanks to continued investment, innovation and sustainable, responsible growth, London is certainly calling.

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