In the middle of Westbourne Studios, a bustling West London business space – home to legal companies working outside of Chancery Lane and film companies outside of Soho – sits the stylish, aromatic Acklam 242 Café. Acklam, a company that’s grown by listening to demand from its customers, has been working with Workspace across a number of its other business centres, notably Pillbox in Bethnal Green.

Acklam 242 Café is the hub of Westbourne Studios, calling a deep-red shipping container home (where else?!) It serves as a community hub and a place where businesses interact and swap ideas.

Workspace has always been a firm believer that none of its customers should be constrained by the four walls of their office or studio. That’s why our café areas have become so integral to helping businesses connect with their neighbours and work, wherever they are in our buildings.

Acklam 242’s manager, Marcin Ciesla, took part recently in our new advertising campaign, The Workspace Advantage, to reveal the many reasons why our customers have No Limits to what they can achieve when working out of one of our 70 business centres.

“You can see the effect of having many different companies working together and meeting in a central space,” said Marcin.

“They pick up on each other’s energies and see each other climbing the ladder. It’s inspirational.”

Westbourne Studios, nestled under the Westway in trendy Portobello, is home to businesses that often do things differently, from jewellery designers to investment managers and music producers.

“Every Workspace has its own different feeling and vibe,” Marcin added.

Acklam 242 CaféWestbourne Studios

Acklam is sometimes used as a venue for business-related events, then in the evening it’s a bar, explains Marcin, who studied marketing, music & media management.

“To some it’s an informal meeting point; a relaxed environment to catch up during the day,” explained Marcin.

“The flexibility of Acklam naturally matches the flexibility of Workspace.”

As any manager worth his salt, Marcin is keen to understand his customers and make sure they’re getting a quality service that’s right for them.

“We build a relationship with these companies and see them from when they set up, to when they’re settling down and when they’re really growing,” said Marcin.

At Workspace, we similarly take the time to better understand our customers’ needs with an ambitious, forward-thinking approach to doing business. We continually invest in our reliable, state-of-the-art infrastructure – in line with WiredScore connectivity standards – giving customers the freedom to work however they want, wherever they are across our entire portfolio of business centres.

With The Workspace Advantage, there really are No Limits to what your business can achieve in London.

To discover more about our No Limits initiative, click here.