Whatever size or shape of your business, it’s dynamic and shouldn’t be constrained by four boring walls and poor tech. At Workspace, we believe in providing working environments tailored to you. Discover our five reasons why the sky’s the limit for your business as a Workspace customer.

Whether you want to work in Portobello or Whitechapel, Dulwich or Highbury, with over 70 business centres spanning London, and with office and studio space for one person start-ups to teams of hundreds, at Workspace we provide the supportive and dynamic environment that gives businesses a boost.

Our diverse community of more than 4,000 New and Growing Companies proves that our business space offers something to suit all types of start-ups and entrepreneurs. From offices and studios to light industrial and workshop space, you’ll find the right ingredients to help your business make its mark in the capital.

Still not convinced? Here’s five reasons why your business can scale new heights from any Workspace location.

Unique and inspiring units

We’re on a constant mission to upgrade and reinvigorate our buildings. Whether it’s opening new business centres or refurbishing our existing business spaces, we do our best to create characterful working environments that ooze personality and make a fantastic first impression for your prospects and clients.

Each business centre has its own unique look and feel. With a great range of colours, interior features and lighting. Most centres have extremely busy and popular social areas such as on-site cafes and rooftop spaces that are ideal for networking and building relationships with neighbouring tenants.

At the core of every Workspace building is a need for abundant natural daylight, creating bright and airy working environments that often reflect the heritage behind the building itself or the building’s location. Your work space should be more than just functional; it should be inspirational and a place you and your colleagues look forward to working in each day.

Sample unit


Feature-laden break-out spaces that foster creativity

There’s nothing better than being able to break away from your computer screen after a busy morning’s work. Sometimes you need to get away from the shackles of your office desk and seek creativity and energy from another location. This is another reason why, at Workspace, we firmly believe no business should be constrained by the four walls of their own office or studio.

Within the vast majority of our business centres we provide break-out spaces that are perfect for brainstorming sessions, informal meetings and lunchtime get-togethers with team-mates. Even outside the confines of your office you’ll still be able to benefit from a range of features to inspire and keep your finger firmly on the pulse, including Wi-Fi connectivity throughout any of our buildings.

Meanwhile, our meeting rooms can also be rented by the hour, with state-of-the-art telephony available for that all-important conference call.

Award-winning neighbours

There’s something to be said for working alongside other successful, hard-working businesses. It creates an ambitious, forward-thinking working environment that drives you forward. With more than 4,000 tenants across our buildings, you can rest assured that you’ll have neighbours to call upon and look up to for guidance and support.

We don’t shout about it very often, but did you know that we’re home for many world-leading brands? The leading web browser developers, Mozilla recently moved in to Metal Box Factory; global greeting cards brand Moonpig are also Workspace customers, as are British fashion icons, White Stuff.

We don’t like to blow our own trumpet, but we’re confident that these leading brands and industry icons selected Workspace buildings for their business headquarters because they genuinely believed we can make a difference.

From start-up to scale-up and beyond

It’s not just established companies who benefit from being a Workspace customer. We’ve been part of the journey of many start-up businesses who take the plunge as Club Workspace members and grow into flourishing brands requiring their own business space.

One of our trusted partners came to Workspace as a start-up business and have since scaled up their business operations to meet ever-growing demand for their services. LOVESPACE is an award-winning storage company that offers storage and delivery services across the UK, as well as operational and logistical support to New and Growing Companies.

They started out at Club Workspace some four years ago, but the flexibility of their Workspace arrangement has enabled the business to move office five times across three different Workspace business centres.

Spending time worrying about leases, office fit-outs and rental agreements is time that you could be focusing on growing your business.

“I’m a big believer that all businesses should spend 90% of their time on things that they do really well and that matter to the customer and let others take care of the 10%.

Steve Folwell, Founder, LOVESPACE

Our flexible approach means that ambitious, fast-growing businesses like LOVESPACE can focus firmly on offering the very best service to their customers and let us get on with providing them with the necessary platform and tools to be the best they can be.

Platinum-grade connectivity

At Workspace, we don’t just help New and Growing Companies with where they choose to work, we also improve how they work. All 70 of our business centres across London are tuned in to today’s way of working. We acknowledge the way entrepreneurs and growing businesses work is changing.

That’s why we are now working closely with WiredScore to use their connectivity ratings as a benchmark for providing a reliable, state-of-the-art tech infrastructure which supports the goals of our customers today and tomorrow. Our very own Metal Box Factory is one of only 22 commercial properties in London to have achieved the Wired Certified Platinum rating, alongside leading buildings such as The Shard and Broadcast House.

We’re working to achieve WiredScore’s Gold connectivity rating as a minimum standard for connectivity across the vast majority of our business centres. Our standards are as high as our customers’ – we want to ensure world-class, secure and reliable connectivity that’s futureproof to their every business need.

On-site, we’re also providing dedicated connected services of all types through our managed service provider, Excell. With shared and dedicated super-fast fibre optic connectivity available, their technology consultants are always on-hand via email, telephone or face-to-face to keep our customers connected.

Whatever your ambitions, however you wish to achieve them, we can make it happen for you at Workspace.

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