We profile Norman Liu who founded and runs Drunken Sailor Media, a marketing company for the IT and technology sectors, based at Club Workspace Chiswick.

Norman tells us what are the easy ways most tech companies can up their marketing game; why Apple are beating the competition when it comes to strategic marketing; and how exactly being based at Club Workspace has helped his business grow.

Tell us a bit about yourself
I’m Norman, originally from Birmingham (Up Norf!) and now living and working in a small part of west London called Chiswick. Think central London to Heathrow Airport: I’m in the middle. I’m a bit of geek; I love to break things and fix them again. I’m never happy till I know how things work. Cooking and eating is a passion of mine (Chinese upbringing). In my head, I’m a much better cook than Gordon Ramsay, having created inspired dishes like ‘Curried Spaghetti’ and my take on a Paella-Risotto-Jambalaya mash up. Reviews were mixed to be honest, leaning towards 'will eat to be polite'.

Pitch your business in a sentence
Drunken Sailor Media helps businesses to increase their revenue through strategic marketing.
Give us a potted history of Drunken Sailor Media. What's in the name?
Drunken Sailor Media was thought up in a pub garden after a couple of ales on warm summer's evening by the river. We wanted to be quirky and memorable. We also have Drunken Sailor Films and Drunken Sailor Events. We are expanding the brand to offer other professional services and have to confess, that teaching and driving services would never really work with our Drunken Sailor name.
Have you ever sought outside funding?
Nope. Spend what you have is what my Chinese upbringing has taught me.
Where do you see your business in a year's time? In three years’ time?
One year from now: establish my business and earn the reputation for delivering promises and results. I always believed that profits will only be made in year three and onwards.
Three years from now: employ a team of Strategic Marketers to satisfy the recommendations gained from the work done in previous years. Drunken Sailor Media will be a niche marketing firm specialising in the Technology sector only.

What are the most interesting trends in marketing IT and tech companies? What are the easiest ways tech businesses can up their marketing game?
The most interesting trends are how people are interacting with technology and how end users expect their suppliers to use them. End customers are King (or Queen). They will always ask the question: Why can I Skype my Grandma in Australia and send her directions to her local reputable hair salon in 30 seconds whilst I’m on the bus? And yet I cannot speak to someone about my mobile phone account in the UK without waiting for 10 minutes between 9am and 6pm for a service that I’m paying for.
Tech companies often spend too much time waffling on about their technology and how it's better than company X. Customers don’t care about that. My motto is ‘How, Why, Impact’. Lets say the technology product is a phone accessory and its better than company X's one. Write down: How is it Better? Why is it Better? The impact this will have to the customer. Now, scrub out the first two answers and only use the impact statement in your marketing. This is what the customer wants to hear.
Who would you ask (dead or alive) to be a dream member on your board of directors?
Steve Jobs: the modern visionary. The first person to see technology as a fashion accessory and to make it cool. He used strategic marketing perfectly. Apple can make you buy products because you want them, not because you need them. Remember when technology manufacturers like Nokia used to announce their new phones and started to excite their customers before revealing it would be six months before launch... in which time, customers would have lost interest. Apple announce the new iPad and say it will be in stores in seven days. The sales figures says it all.
Where were you before? Why did you decide to move into a coworking space? And what's the best thing about it?
I was in full-time employment, so I worked in an office in Central London. 
When I set up my business, I knew I did’t have the discipline to work from home, I would be distracted by new culinary inventions or watching Top Gear on Dave. Club Workspace was perfect. I could walk to work and meet co-workers in the same boat.
The best thing about co-working is the people you meet. I am already doing business with two members here in Chiswick. One thing is 100% guaranteed: when your suppliers or customers are sitting close by, you’ll receive or provide the best service you can. If it wasn’t for Club Workspace, I would have never met the people who are helping my business grow.

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