Based at Pill Box in Bethnal Green, Kurve is an integrated digital marketing agency specialising in search. Their clients include, and the parenting and tech hub Quibly.

We talked to Operations Director, Assaf Gazit, about the latest trends in digital marketing, their plans for growth and his ultimate office luxury.

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Tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m an easy going and optimistic kind of guy. I’ve recently relocated to the amazing experience that is London and I’m loving it so far. It’s been quite a journey to get here, career-wise. On my path to become Kurve’s Operations Director I‘ve been fortunate enough to have worked in the high-tech industry, done some business and finance consulting, managed a few nightclubs and to be the managing partner of an indie-mobile-gaming startup.

Tell us about your business and how you got started.

Kurve evolved in conjunction with's impressive growth. As the company grew they needed digital marketing specialists to use their skills across different regions internationally. Kurve grew to meet their organic search needs, and through natural referrals we found ourselves managing multiple clients and hiring team members to support that growth. It’s a hectic period in Kurve’s history, but everything is now falling in to place.

Where were you based before? Why have you decided to move into Pill Box?

Before we moved to the Pill Box we were located in Shoreditch. We decided to move as our recent growth meant that we needed something more spacious than our previous office. So far the move has worked out well, and we’re liking the new digs!

Business-wise, what are you most proud of?

Business-wise, I believe in working hard while having fun. I guess I am particularly proud of making that cliché a reality. We get the job done but there’s no reason we can’t enjoy it at the same time. As business practices go, I’d say that’s a pretty important one.

What have been your biggest business challenges?

Where do I start… I guess I’ll go with the classic answer for this question - clients are the biggest challenge.

Clients tend to be somewhat flippant with their providers, and have a hard time committing to long term relationships unless they are getting consistent incremental value. This can be challenging when it comes to digital marketing, as it is a hybrid of creative and technical experience.

How are you funded? Did you seek any outside help?

The sole founder of our agency is Oren Greenberg, Kurve’s MD. He has invested and shaped Kurve to be his vision for the future of digital marketing.

When it comes to funding, we did not seek any foreign investments. We are very proud to be self-sustained in order to facilitate organic growth. As for non-financial outside help, we are very pleased to work with our trusted consultants and partners.

Where do you see Kurve in a year's time? In three years’ time?

In a year’s time our numbers will have grown from seven staff members to fifteen. In three years, I hope we’ll be about fifty people strong, all of whom are continuously meeting the high standards that we adhere to now. Ideally we’ll be just as dedicated, creative and fun as we are now, but bigger!

What are the most important trends in your industry?

The shift towards social (Facebook/Twitter) and the ways in which Google is becoming less binary and more about engagement are really interesting news. Added layers of sophistication means that content is becoming a core focus of marketing (and staying true to its roots). In my perception, trends are often re-packaging of time-old truths.

If you weren’t in charge at Kurve, what would you be doing? What do you think the rest of your team would be doing?

I'd be chilling out on an island until I got bored and decided to try my hand at building the next billion pound business. The rest of the team would most likely find themselves in something similar to what they do now I suspect - creating something meaningful and engaging.

What are the most important things for you in an office space? What's your office luxury?

Our Nespresso machine helps! We are located on the fifth floor with amazing view of the city.

My luxury combines those two. After everybody leaves the office, it’s my time to make a nice double espresso (with just half a teaspoon of sugar) and step out to the terrace. Quite an experience.

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