InspiresMe Week helps young students pick up entrepreneurship skills. We talked to Workspace staff, the GLA and a business involved with the scheme about the week-long event.

Inspiresme Week has been set up by the Workspace Group, the Greater London Authority and Business in the Community (BITC) to allow businesses to reach out and help young people gain experience and confidence in the professional world.

James Friedenthal, Head of Corporate Development at Workspace discusses why Workspace decided to get involved in this week-long initiative which aims to place young entrepreneurs in new and growing businesses based at Workspace.

Daisy Greenaway, the Senior Policy Officer for youth at the Greater London Authority, explained how the scheme works and why young people find it so valuable.

Dan Reeves, Commercial Director at content marketing agency TRUE 212, took in a student for InspiresMe Week 2015. He explains what it was like welcoming a student for a week-long entrepreneurship internship. 

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