Need help at Club Bankside? Leon's your man. We asked the keen DJ and music lover to wax lyrical about his desert island discs.

When it comes to making your working day as pleasant as possible, your hosts will be the first point of call. We've met Raissa (here), and now it's time to meet Leon, who heads up Club Workspace Bankside. When he's not at Club he moonlights as a DJ, so we asked him to name the five tracks that define his life.

Catch Leon on Twitter at @CWbankside.

Home is... Peckham. No income tax, no VAT... (I wish!)

What's the first thing you do when you come in from work? Get the tunes rolling out.
Best place to go out for a meal? Tough one. I'm not really a formal-restaurant guy but I love a good pub that does tasty grub; The Red Lion & Sun in Highgate does the world's best roast, so that gets my vote.

Your indispensable shop? Vintage Basement in Brick Lane for threads and Rye Wax in Peckham for beats.

Favourite pub? Wow, this is like choosing your favourite kid! I find certain pubs seasonal so I'd say The Palm Tree in Mile End in the summer and the Owl & Pussycat on Redchurch Street, which is great all year round.

Best place to go out? I still think Dalston has a lot to offer and Shoreditch is having a renaissance. Peckham offers a Pandora's box of possibilities! 
Weekend routine? Gym, brunch, coffee, dinner, then time to iron the Ben Sherman and off I go.
Best London secret? Wapping; a riverside pub with amazing views and no crowds... just don't tell anyone!
Five tracks that define your life? Are you sure I can't give you 50?! OK... well, I've got such an eclectic taste that I'm missing out some big tunes here, but here goes:
Warszawa by David Bowie. I could literally put five David Bowie tunes here but for me his work in Berlin was his most atmospheric and gives a very chilling image of the future. It's certainly not "Let's Dance"!
Mass Appeal by Gang Starr. Hip-hop songs very often offer great production or great lyrics but rarely both. DJ Premier and Guru deliver on this classic, with fantastic sampling from an obscure jazz track called "Horizon Drive" by Vic Juris.
Touch Me by Rui Da Silva. I could give you hundreds of house and garage tracks but rarely has a new track had such an impact on me than when I first started playing this out in the early 00s. From the sweet, gravelly vocals of Cassandra to the deep bass and synths of Rui Da Silva, it appealed to a much wider audience than Essex ravers.
Paint it Black by the Rolling Stones. From the sitar solo at the beginning to the upbeat verses, the Stones give us a mixture of Eastern mysticism along with a great old track to rock out to... top tune.
Can't Stand Me Now by The Libertines. Easily my favourite band from my 'yoof' – Doherty always got a hard time from the press but was on top form with Carl Barat when they wrote this. Classic sing-along anthem about painful relationships...