James Thexton, Creative Director and one of two founding partners at Rokabye shares how the company helps brands to find their voice, the ways in which branding has changed over the years, new exciting projects in the pipeline and how they've found re-locating to Workspace's new building, Brickfields in Hoxton.

What does Rokabye do?

JT: We’re a creative agency that works in branding and motion. We bridge the gap between the two worlds to make brands fit for the modern world.

What clients have you worked with and projects have you worked on?

JT: We’re very lucky to work with a pretty wide range of clients on an even wider range of projects. We’ve recently been working with Heart FM on their brand refresh. We’ve also completed quite a few show packages for MTV, some product-focused CG (computer-generation) spots for Staples and Adidas and some colour grading for Mothercare’s new campaign. So, it’s a really broad spectrum we work across!

James Thexton (left) and Robin Wicker (right)founding partners at Rokabye

What would you say is important to remember when developing the look of a brand?

JT: Brands aren’t static anymore. It really is the crux of everything we do and the reason we set up in the first place. The days of designing on paper, for paper, are long gone. Brands live and breathe nowadays and need to be treated as such.

How has branding changed over the years to become what it is today?

JT: I’m not sure branding itself has changed enough to be honest. The world of technology and how brands are consumed has changed enormously and I don’t think the way we fundamentally look at brands has kept up. Strategy and voice have become more prevalent but how a brand visually behaves still seems to be a bolt-on in many cases.

How does Rokabye help clients find their place and voice?

JT: We develop a close working relationship first and foremost and then look to properly get under the skin of our clients’ businesses. We try to understand all of their facets and then develop a strategy with them that is actually useful, not just buzz word after buzz word. We’re very collaborative so really understanding our client’s needs allows us to help them find their voice in their respective markets.

The Rokabye team at Brickfields

The Rokabye team recently moved into Workspace's new building, Brickfields in Hoxton. How did you find the move and what drew you to this location?

JT: It’s been seamless so far. Everyone we’ve met has been lovely and helpful. Our old studio is just up the road in Islington and we wanted to stay fairly local so when this building was nearing completion, we were straight in for a snoop around and took this studio immediately.

What was the reason for moving into a new space?

JT: Our core team is currently small but that’s one of the reasons why we’ve moved into Brickfields, to allow us to grow and hopefully foster more in-house talent.

Do you have any exciting future projects in the pipeline?

JT: We have a couple of large branding jobs on which we can’t talk about yet, another collaboration with MTV underway and an animated piece which should be quite exciting. 

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