Planning a video to promote your startup to potential backers? Here's how to make sure your pitch stands out for all the right reasons.

By Michelle Ogun

With platforms such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo and Crowdcube, crowdfunding campaigns have become an emerging trend. They allow individuals or organisations to pitch their idea, cause or startup to potential backers. If you're interested in getting involved you're going to need the key ingredient – a pitch video. 

According to Kickstarter, a video could increase your chances of getting funded by 50 per cent. So here is how to ensure your crowdfunding pitch video is a success.
1. Start strong
Make sure you get to the point very quickly at the start of your video, rather than towards the end. 
One of the most important parts of your pitch will be the first 30 seconds, which should present a clear picture that will capture your audience's attention, entice them to watch the video to the end and be convinced that your cause or idea is worthy of their investment.

A lot of people have short attention spans and will not continue to watch the video or read the content on the rest of your page if you haven’t sparked their interest from the very beginning. 

2. Create an emotional bond

Tell your story. People will invest more in a real, engaging personal 'journey' than they will in just a good idea.
A great way to capture and hold your audience’s attention is to create an emotional bond with them. This emotional bond will be the difference between those who bring out their credit card to invest and those who don’t. 
You'll be competing with thousands of other crowdfunding campaigns, so you need to make sure your video stands out and resonates with the audience. The best way to do this is to make them like you and your cause. Which is actually really easy, once you’ve clearly told your story. 

3. Provide a high-quality video

No one wants to sit and watch a video of low quality, with poor lighting and sound.
So you need to try to make sure you produce a video of a quality that will keep viewers engaged. You can also make it visually appealing with the use of animation, graphics and props. This will also help your campaign stand out from the myriad campaign videos online. 

In your video, try to showcase your product or prototype. People are more likely to invest in something if they can see how it will be used. 
4. Use a script
Some people are very comfortable talking in front of a camera, and think they can just ‘wing it’. However, this isn’t the best way to do things.

Avoid ad libbing amd 'making it up as you go along'; you'll risk leaving the video unstructured with key points missed out. Make sure your script includes the five Ws: who, what, why, when and where.

5. Keep it short and sweet

Don't let your video drag on. Anything around three minutes should be fine. 

Any longer and you may lose your viewers' attention and interest.

6. Include a call to action


Remember, closed mouths don’t get fed! Ask people to share your message and support your crowdfunding campaign. Most importantly, ask them for a donation.
Another tip is to watch previous successful videos within your sector as a point of reference, to see what approach other companies took. Here is a great case study from Desolenator, who were able to raise $150,000 in six weeks from the Kickstarter video campaign created by Aniboxx.
Michelle Ogun is the digital marketing executive for Aniboxx and catch them on Twitter.