Foreword by Chris Dines, CEO of Knowledge Peers

Our insight events focus on what you can learn and how it might impact you or your business. We don’t spend that much time talking at attendees and we build in plenty of opportunities for attendees to question case study subjects.

We’ve featured an exciting range of influential experts from businesses large and small, including exceptionally well known brands such as Facebook, Brompton Bicycle, LinkedIn, Microsoft Group, The Soluis Group, Dyson, Mckinsey & Company, Innovate UK, Moon Pig and Pret a Manger

Even though I’d usually say that there’s no such thing as a typical Workspace customer, they all share a few things in common: they’re ambitious and they’re time poor.

And anybody who is in that tough space trying to develop their business, knows that the best support, feedback and ideas they can get are from other businesses who are maybe doing similar things or have done similar things, or have failed or succeeded. We know from all the stuff we do at Workspace and elsewhere, that people love listening to other people who are in stressful and demanding positions, who are trying to achieve things. So we try to shape the programme to reflect the fact that people want to listen to those kinds of stories.

Property Launch Insight DinnerVox Studios, 2015

They’ve got to be stories that are relevant to them, so we focus on issues and challenges that are ones that people do worry about in their business and find challenging.

We leave ample time for attendees to network with the other senior leaders and of course enjoy a delicious meal.

Don’t take our word for it, just read what some of your fellow Workspace customers have to say:

“The event was well organised, well executed and provided a colourful range of perspectives on the subject of innovation. Importantly it was informative and inspiring.” Customer based at The Light Bulb

“I really enjoyed the event.” Customer based at Kennington Park

“We had a blast of a time that looked more like a celebration of our current company stage. We are getting ready the first batch of our product to be manufactured, and it is an excitement moment for us to live in. This event was the perfect chilling moment that we needed to gather energy before the final push to market.” Customer based at The Leather Market

“This is a great opportunity to connect with other businesses, compare notes and share stories, and develop new networks. The speakers were truly inspirational!” Customer based at The Metal Box Factory

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Workspace Business Insights Event: "It's not what you know, but who you know" Networking

At Workspace’s handsome new Grand Union Studios building, with its eye-catching mobile entrance lobby installation scattering the midsummer evening light, Workspace members were treated to an Insights event in conjunction with Knowledge Peers on the power of networking, online and offline, entitled “It’s not what you know, but who you know”.