Why choose office space in Shoreditch?

In terms of business, the area heavily favours tech and digital industries. Since former Prime Minister, David Cameron announced plans to accelerate business growth in the region, some of the world’s biggest digital firms have invested, including Google, Facebook, BT, EE, Amazon and many others. 

If your company is web-based, then there are few locations better for you than Shoreditch. It’s also worth highlighting that London Liverpool Street station offers direct access to Cambridge, probably the most tech-centred UK city apart outside of the capital.

But Shoreditch, with its gritty, urban image still attracts creatives in all forms — artists, designers and media agencies alike — with a thriving community and networking culture. Shoreditch’s cultural expansion has also made it an extremely enjoyable place in which to work: making it ideal for anyone looking to build a company that people really enjoy working for. 

There are a wide range of different pubs, restaurants and clubs in the region, all perfect for spending time away from the office in, as well as pop-up shops, Brick Lane and the newly regenerated Old Spitalfields Market to explore.

Workspace commercial properties in Shoreditch

Workspace offers 6 business centres within a 20-minute walk of Shoreditch High Street Station, including 86 trendy office spaces to rent at The Frames, in the heart of Shoreditch.
Another option for businesses looking to locate themselves in Shoreditch is Vestry Street Studios, where office space has a modern yet industrial feel. Vestry Street is just 4 minutes from Old Street Station in heart of Shoreditch.

Other office and studio spaces in the area include:

Salisbury House

Pill Box

East London Works

E1 Studios