Why choose commercial property in Highgate?

Highgate covers quite a large area, but still offers two main routes directly into London via both Highgate Station itself as well as Archway.   Those who prefer to drive in the centre can follow the Holloway Road down the A1 directly into Angel, from where it’s possible to access King’s Cross station and from there the rest of the UK.

It’s not hard to see why Highgate remains popular.  The area is close to a number of other London boroughs, including Finchley, Hampstead, Holloway, Hornsey and Muswell Hill, offering ample opportunities for networking and extending the client base.  For those looking to relax, the nearby green of Waterlow Park is ideal and there are a number of enjoyable restaurants and cafes in the region perfect for those little breaks from work.  Hampstead Heath itself, of course, is also close by, and is perfect for a long post-work walk.

The relative peace and quiet of the area makes it perfect for any firm seeking the proximity to the City but without the hustle and bustle of being based right in the centre. A wide range of different companies have their offices in the Highgate region, from retail and commerce operations to multiple B2B firms.  The natural affluence of the area makes it particularly ideal for companies targeting the higher end of their market.