Love co-working but feel like you need your own space? Have your cake and eat it by renting a Your Desk at Club. You'll enjoy all the benefits of having your own securable space but also the joys of sharing one too.

Exclusively designed by Club Workspace, Your Desk is a lockable private workstation and only you can sit there. You will even have your own power sockets, light switch and pin board, so make yourself at home!

YourDesk comes as a blank canvasReady for you to make your mark, and build your empire!

We have YourDesks available across our Club network, from Chancery Lane, to London Bridge, Portobello to Kennington.

If you want a safe place to lock your belongings and a desk to call your own, Your Desk at Club is the smart choice. Just think - no more lugging your laptop from coffee shop to coffee shop every day!

ClubWorkspace PortobelloPrivate desks where minimalism and maximalism collide!

Each Club location has it's own individual style, but all feature high speed Wi-Fi, flexible workstations and desk space, a bustling event calendar (perfect if you want to grow your business network) with some having 24-hour access, for the night owls among you.

What's more, we're constantly working to get the best deals from our partners; with Informed Funding, our customers get free access to business funding advice and one to one consultations, and with Lovespace, you get £40 off your first order - perfect for business with a lot of equipment (or even for storing your skis off-seson..!)

See our full list of Clubs with the YourDesk membership package:



Chancery Lane



London Bridge




Hatton Garden *coming soon

A space to call your own, for £325 per month

Need more info? Get in touch by calling 0207 247 7614 and one of our experts will be able to help.