Basic Information and Membership

  • What are the opening times?

    Most of our Clubs are open Monday to Friday 8am - 8pm, but this can vary from location to location. We're moving to have 24hr access to all our Clubs; Southbank, Chancery Lane, Clerkenwell and Chiswick are now live (so you can burn the midnight oil!).

    Please note there will be no entry past 5.30pm, but those already in the Club can work until 8pm. 

  • What is the difference between a membership and Your Desk at Club?

    With a membership (Three days, One Club & Everyday Everywhere) you do not have a dedicated area to work - you sit and work at any of the tables or desk spaces in the Club.

    With Your Desk, you have access to your home location everyday, Monday to Friday, with a dedicated workstation only for you where you can make yourself at home with the in-built pinboard, and also securely lock away your belongings overnight.

  • Do I have to show my membership card each time I visit the Club?

    Yes, your membership card will be required to touch-in at the access reader located at the entrance; the card gives you access to the Club, and also activates your Wi-Fi.

  • How is the 'Three Day Access' measured?

    The Three Day Access is measured in calendar days per working week. In other words, if you use Club Workspace for any period of time during Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, you will not be able to access Club Workspace on Thursday or Friday. This is why it is very important to touch in and out!

  • How many guests may I have at one time?

    We ask that you invite only 3 guests at a time to the open areas within Club Workspace for up to 2 hours. If more guests are required we'd ask that you book a meeting room, so as to not disturb your neighbours! Guests are not able to access Club Workspace WiFi.

  • How long is the contract?

    We will tailor your membership to suit your requirements, however the minimum term is one month. One month will be paid up front by credit or debit card, with the following payments taken on the same day every month from the same card. 

    To cancel your membership you need to log into the My Account section of the website. The notice period is one calendar month from the date of notice being received. If you do not pay by credit or debit card then please email quoting your reference number, this can be found on your invoice.

  • How much does membership cost?

    It varies depending on just how much Club you want! Please see our Membership Packages page for details

  • Do you offer corporate memberships?

    Yes - if you are interested in corporate memberships for multiple signups, please email to find out more details.

  • How Green are we?

    We embed sustainability throughout our business, whether when considering the environmental impact of our buildings and development projects, or when delivering education and employment programmes to support our local communities. Find out more here...

Services and Extras

  • How do I access the WiFi in the space?

    After you've taken up your membership, you can access the Club Workspace WiFi either at your chosen Club, or at all Club locations, depending on your membership package. Upon your first visit to Club Workspace, just touch your membership card on the reader to activate your WiFi. This will take a couple of seconds to register. Then, when you open up your browser, just put in the username and password provided to you.

    Some nitty gritty - In order to keep our service robust, we block outbound connections to port 25 (SMTP). If you need to setup for example your own mail server we will provide you with a relay server address.

  • How do I print?

    All of our printers at Club Workspace also have the ability to scan. You can bolt unlimited printing on to your Club Workspace package for an additional charge. The 'unlimited printing' must be used in accordance with the fair use policy detailed in the membership agreement.

  • Can I have my post delivered to Club Workspace?

    Yes, you can receive post to the club address if you bolt on the Mailbox option to your Club Workspace membership package for an additional charge. If you have a multi-venue package, you will be asked to specify which Club Workspace venue you would prefer your mail to be delivered to.

  • Are there meeting rooms available?

    Yes, as a Club Workspace member you can book meeting rooms within your business centre as well as across the wider Workspace portfolio for an additional charge. To book a meeting room click here.

  • How do I book catering for my meeting?

    Most locations have a café on site so this can be arranged - speak to your Club Host or Centre Manager and they'll be able to point you in the right direction.

  • Will I have access to the full programme of networking services & events as part of my membership?

    As a Club Workspace member you will be informed of all networking events which occur within Club Workspace and also within the wider Workspace portfolio of over 3,500 London SMEs. This allows you to connect with not only startup companies but also established small businesses across London. Take a lot at our full events calendar to see what's coming up.

  • Does being a Club member bring me any benefits if my business grows into its own office space?

    A key benefit of being a Club member is you can qualify for a reduced deposit and where applicable, preferential rates, if you take the plunge and move into the Workspace Group portfolio. Just speak to your Club Host for more info.