We want to show you how grateful we are when you spread the word. Enjoy one month free membership when one of your friends signs up to Club Workspace.

We've made sure it's as easy as possible to seal the deal, with two simple ways to claim the free voucher.

  1. Have your friend mention your name, in writing, when they first get in touch.

  2. When your friend is signing up for their Club Workspace membership online, make sure that they pay attention to the ‘How did you hear about us?' option. They need to select ‘Existing Member' from the dropdown list, and then follow up with an email club.workspace@workspace.co.uk, mentioning your name. 

It pays to work with friendsThe Leather Market, London Bridge

The voucher will be sent to you after  payment has been made for the third month of your friend's membership.

That's it! Free co-working membership for a month.

And if you refer a second friend, we'll treat you to two months free membership.

Remember, to take advantage of this amazing deal referrers have to be Club Workspace members for a minimum of three months. You cannot have the same email address as the person you've referred; you can't be under the same company name and you cannot share an invoicing account.

Ts & Cs apply – please emaiclub.workspace@workspace.co.uk for details.